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Vance Collins


A reformed ex-convict, once sent to prison by Batman and Robin but now working honestly as an employee at a hot-dog stand, who is accidentally struck by a bizarre purple ray from outer space as it bounces off a billboard advertising a horror movie, and who, as a result, from that time onward becomes periodically transformed into a living version of the horrifying creature depicted vividly on the billboard. "That weird ray must have hit Vance after it burnt the creature's picture from the billboard!" explains Superman. "A freak reaction caused him to become the creature! He's like a Jekyll and Hyde character now!"

In his monster form, Collins leads a gang of criminals known as the Jackson Mob on a series of spectacular robberies, only to lose all recollection of his monstrous metamorphosis once the effects of the purple ray have temporarily exhausted themselves and Collins has temporarily reverted to his human form. Eventually, however, the effects of the purple ray wear off completely, and a horrified and guilt-ridden Collins readily joins forces with Batman, Robin, and Superman to apprehend his former underworld allies (WF No. 116, Mar 1961: "The Creature from Beyond!"). (TGSB)

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