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Robin the Boy Wonder


The courageous, warmhearted, hard-fighting, pun-loving teen-ager who, since April 1940, has been the inseparable crime-fighting companion of Batman (Detective Comics No. 38). Robin is in reality Dick Grayson, the young ward of socialite Bruce Wayne, the man who is secretly Batman. When Grayson was orphaned by the tragic death of his parents, a husband-and-wife team of circus trapeze artists slain by racketeers, it was Batman who took the grief-stricken youngster under his wing, helped him avenge the death of his parents, trained him for his new life as a crime-fighter, and, as Bruce Wayne, took the legal steps necessary to establish himself as Grayson’s “legal guardian” (Batman No. 213/1, Jul/Aug 1969: “The Origin of Robin!”). Since then, Robin has fought alongside Batman in virtually every one of Batman’s amazing adventures. Robin is also founding member of the Teen Titans.

From mid-1954 onward, Batman, Robin, and Superman regularly participate in certain of their adventures together.

In May 1964, the Olsen-Robin Team is formed and they make their headquarters in the Eyrie (WF No. 141: "The Olsen-Robin Team versus "The Superman-Batman Team!").

In the 1980s, Dick Grayson abandons the Robin identity, leaving it to the young Jason Todd. Grayson adopts the name Nightwing, inspired by his adventures alongside Superman in the Bottle City of Kandor.

In August 1983, Robin and the rest of the Titans help Superman and the Justice League of America battle Brainiac (Act No. 546: "Showdown").

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