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As of Wednesday, July 24 2024 05:01 we are currently working on a total of 1,839 articles!

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A world-famous crime-fighter and adventurer who has, for seven decades, battled the forces of crime and injustice with the aid of an awesome array of superhuman powers, including X-ray vision, the power of flight, and strength far beyond that of any ordinary mortal...

A bit of an explanation about Supermanica.

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Interested people are welcome to contribute.

The more people who help out, the more information will be in Supermanica and the better structured it will be. In order to participate, please create an account. You may find the user's guide to be very helpful. If you do choose to participate, please confine your additions to those characters, events, and locations contained in Superman related comic books published from 1938 to 1986.

Please cite your references in the articles. Information with no source reference is likely to be removed.

Any questions? Please visit the Supermanica Community Portal.

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