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A green-skinned alien from the far-distant planet Durim, an "eccentric scientist" who several years ago acquired superhuman powers similar to Superman's as the result of being inadvertently exposed to the rays of a mysterious fallen meteor while hiking on his native planet, and who then embarked on a diabolical new career as a ruthless super-criminal.

In May 1962, accompanied by two henchmen, Hroguth journeys to Earth to steal a supply of copper, an element not available on Durim, for the construction of a special machine designed to permanently drain away the super-powers of the teenager Logi, another native of Durim, who had also acquired superhuman powers after exposure to the meteor but who had, in contrast, devoted his life to the cause of justice and become Hroguth's mortal foe on their native planet.

On Earth, Hroguth steals the copper he needs and constructs his machine only to be apprehended along with his henchmen soon afterward—and permanently robbed of his super-powers by forced exposure to his own device—through the heroic efforts of Batman, Robin, Superman, and the alien crime-fighter Logi (WF No. 124: "The Mystery of the Alien Super-Boy!"). (TGSB)

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