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The hero of the story "Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp," one of the tales of the Arabian Nights. Batman, Robin, and Superman make the acquaintance of Aladdin during a time-journey to tenth-century Baghdad (WF No. 79, Nov/Dec 1955: "The Three Magicians of Baghdad!"). (See Abdullah). (TGSB)

In January 1960, Superman and Jimmy Olsen find the magic lamp of Aladdin in an ancient tomb. Abdul, the genie of the lamp temporarily succeeds in switching roles with Olsen until his defeat by the Man of Steel and Jimmy the (temporary) genie (SPJO No. 42/3: "Jimmy the Genie!").

In November 1962, Perry White, disguised as archaeologist Professor Von Schultz, reveals what he claims is the legendary Aladdin's Lamp to the world's press. But the lamp, which appears to release a genie when rubbed, is really a fake. The genie is Superman in disguise and the lamp is intended to flush out "an international spy operating in Metropolis." The spy's confession is recorded by a tape recorder inside the lamp when he attempts to steal it and is foiled by the disguised Man of Steel (S No. 157/2: "The Super-Genie of Metropolis").

(See also Abdul)

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