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The Flash

Real Name: Barry Allen

First race! Art by Carmine Infantino

Late one stormy night in Central City, a stray lighting-bolt crashes into the lab of police scientist, Bartholomew Henry (Barry) Allen. Bouncing off a shelf of chemicals, Barry is struck by this lightning and becomes the fastest man alive, the Flash (Showcase No. 4, Sep/Oct 1956: "Mystery of the Human Thunderbolt").

Significantly, he also discovered the existence of parallel worlds when he inadvertently crossed over to Earth 2 and met his childhood comic book hero, Flash of Earth-2 (The Flash No. 123, Sep 1961: "Flash of Two Worlds!").

A founding member of the Justice League of America, Barry is capable of running many times the speed of light, and has reflexes to match his speed. He has demonstrated this by moving his arms with enough momentum to break through the trunks of trees. He can also vibrate the molecules of his body to pass through solid objects or even become invisible.

This Scarlet Speedster has raced Superman several times over the years:

  • (S No. 199, Aug 1967: "Superman's Race With the Flash!")
  • (The Flash No. 175, Dec 1967: "A Race to the End of the Universe")
  • (WF No. 198, Nov 1970: "Race to Save the Universe" [part 1])
  • (WF No. 199, Dec 1970: "Race to Save Time" [part 2])
  • (DCCP No. 1, Jul/Aug 1978: "Chase to the End of Time!" [part 1])
  • (DCCP No. 2, Sep/Oct 1978: "Race to the End of Time!" [part 2])

Superman and the Flash work together to defeat a complicated plan of the Weather Wizard to destroy the Flash after he first first attacks Metropolis (Act No. 441, Nov 1974: "Weather War Over Metropolis!").

In May 1977, Superman and the Flash combine forces to combat the spread of a so-called "journalists disease" that inflicts members of the press gathering for a convention in Central City. In reality a plot by Amalak and Nam-Ek to infect Earth with an alien plague carried by young Jamie Lombard's dog, the disease infects Lois Lane and Lola Barnett before Superman and Supergirl are able to stop its progress. In the course of their battle, the Flash is knocked into orbit by Nam-Ek and only survives due to the intercession of Green Lantern who nurses the Speedster back to health in the JLA's satellite headquarters (S No. 311: "Plague of the Antibiotic Man!"; S No. 312, Jun 1977: "Today the City... Tomorrow the World"; S No. 313, Jul 1977: "The Only Way You'll Save the Earth Is Over My Dead Body!"; S No. 314, Aug 1977: "Before This Night Is Over, Superman Will Kill!").

(*See also Kid Flash)

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