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The father of Van-Zee, and “a distinguished member of the Kandorian Council,” Kandor’s governing body. Both Nim-Zee and his son are distant relatives of Superman.

In February 1962, during a period when the only way in which Superman can enter Kandor is “by having [an] exchange ray cause [him] to switch places with a similar-sized Kandorian person or creature,” the Man of Steel arranges to exchange himself for Nim-Zee and then to reverse the exchange once his business in Kandor has been concluded (S No. 151/3: “Superman’s Greatest Secret!”; see also No. 158, Jan 1963: “Superman in Kandor” pts. I-III—“Invasion of the Mystery Super-Men!”; “The Dynamic Duo of Kandor!”; “The City of Super-People!”).

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