Mintar Bannin

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Mintar Bannin

Superboy No. 148, only appearance of Polar Boy's parents, cover by Neal Adams

Mintar Bannin and his wife (first name never specified) are the parents of Polar Boy (Brek Bannin) of the Legion of Substitute Heroes. As residents of the hottest region of the planet Tharr, Mintar and his spouse have the same super-cold radiating powers as their son.

Mr. and Mrs. Bannin directly aid Superboy in a complex ruse by posing as Superboy's preferred "new" adoptive parents. When Superboy seems to reject the Kents and his Smallville lifestyle, evil flame creatures that possess the bodies of Jonathan and Martha Kent attempt to invade the bodies of Mintar Bannin and his wife. The flame creatures are destroyed with cold waves from the Bannins (SB No. 148, Jun 1968: "Superboy's Greatest Gamble!").

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