Lois Lane of Earth-3

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Lois Lane of Earth-3

Lois Lane of Earth-3, 1982

A reporter for the Daily Planet on Earth-3 (first appearance: Secret Society of Super-Villains No. 14, May 1978). In 1982, she helps inspire her parallel world's counterpart to the villainous Lex Luthor of Earth-1 and Alexei Luthor of Earth-2, Alexander Luthor, to become the first and only known superhero of that parallel earth. With the assistance of the Earth-1 Superman and his Earth-2 counterpart, Alex defeats the evil trio of Ultraman and the two other Luthors (DCCPA No. 1). Following these events, Lois and Alex marry and Lois takes the name Lois Lane-Luthor.

Lois and Alexander have only one son, whom they name Alexander Luthor, Jr. He later becomes a superhero like his father, wearing a golden suit of armor during his brief career (Crisis on Infinite Earths Nos. 1-12, Apr 1985-Mar 1986).

(see also Lois Lane; Lois Lane of Earth-2)

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