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The Forgotten Heroes

A group of heroes and adventurers who vanish from the scene for many years, the Forgotten Heroes unite when Immortal Man sees that Vandal Savage is planning on destroying Superman and enslaving humanity (Act No. 552, Feb 1984: "Another Time! Another Death!"). In addition to Savage, the Forgotten Heroes also frequently oppose the Forgotten Villains.


Canonical Appearances

  • Act No. 545, Jul 1983: "With But a Single Step" (team-up of some heroes who would be members)
  • Act No. 552, Feb 1984: "Another Time! Another Death!"
  • Act No. 553, Mar 1984: "The World at Time's End"
  • DCCP No. 77, Jan 1985: "Triad of Terror!"
  • DCCP No. 78, Feb 1985: "The Triad"

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