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Erok-El with the first Kal-El (not Superbaby). Art by Curt Swan and Frank Chiarmonte, 1981.

The first Kryptonian to take the surname of El. Kal-El (Superman) and his father, Jor-El, look very much like Erok. Erok was the son of Tamnu.

Erok's story is documented when Clark Kent is asked to get information on Superman's family tree. Kal-El (Clark) also wants to find out about his family so he travels through a few galaxies with his cousin Kara Zor-El (Supergirl). They find that Kal-El looks just like Erok and that Erok took on the name El (meaning star) as a surname and that the name of his first born son was Kal (child), Kal-El.

Erok becomes "Erok of the Star," the founder of the House of El (KC No. 3, Nov 1981: "The Race to Overtake the Past").

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