El Gar-Kur

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El Gar Kur.jpg

El Gar Kur (or El Gar-Kur)

A "criminal scientist" from the bottle city of Kandor—a perfect look-alike for Jimmy Olsen—who, having successfully escaped into the outside world while simultaneously imprisoning Jimmy Olsen in Kandor by means of a complex body-switching apparatus, sets out, with the aid of the mighty super-powers which any Kandorian automatically acquires once outside the bottle city, to destroy Kandor and conquer the Earth, only to be thwarted in his efforts—and finally transported back into Kandor and apprehended by Kandorian authorities—as the result of an elaborate ruse devised by Superman combined with Jimmy Olsen's simultaneous and ultimately successful effort, inside Kandor, to reactivate and reverse the effects of El Gar Kur's body-switching apparatus (Act No. 253, Jun 1959: "The War Between Superman and Jimmy Olsen!"). (TGSB)

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