Detective Captain Reilly

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Detective Captain Reilly

A "conceited windbag" of a detective—famous, nevertheless, for having successfully captured every one of the 800 fugitives he has been assigned to track down—who is imported from Chicago to apprehend Superman for the crime of having "torn down [the city's] slum area" without public authorization, "causing modern apartments to replace crowded tenements" (See Gimpy).

"Regardless of his motives and our personal approval of them," exclaims the police chief, "the fact remains that he has wantonly destroyed public property and must pay the full penalty to the law just like any other transgressor!"

Repeatedly outwitted by Superman in February 1939, Reilly suffers his worst humiliation when he lunges headlong at Superman and knocks himself unconscious against Superman's "super-tough" skin (Act No. 9). (TGSB)

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