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All New Collectors' Edition No. C-58: Superman Vs. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel of Earth-S

When the young boy Billy Batson says the name of the ancient wizard Shazam, he is transformed into the mighty Captain Marvel (first appearance: Whiz Comics No. 2, Feb 1940: "Introducing Captain Marvel"). Captain Marvel is the greatest hero on Earth-S. Captain Marvel's nicknames include "The World's Mightiest Mortal" and "The Big Red Cheese". Captain Marvel is part of the Marvel Family along with Captain Marvel, Jr., Mary Marvel, Uncle Marvel, and Hoppy the Marvel Bunny. His greatest enemies include Dr. Sivana, Mr. Mind and Black Adam.

Captain Marvel derives his powers from the following gods and heroes:

  • Solomon: Wisdom
  • Hercules: Strength
  • Atlas: Stamina
  • Zeus: Power
  • Achilles: Courage
  • Mercury: Speed

As such, his set of powers are very similar to Superman's basic ones such as great strength, speed, flight and resistance to injury, but are based on magic. In May 1981, Mr. Mxyzptlk takes advantage of this by magically exchanging the costumes and powers of the two heroes, thus creating a situation where Superman is confused at this change. However, Superman's new powers are familiar enough for him to set out to meet Captain Marvel on Earth-S about this situation with little difficulty as the imp intended (DCCP No. 33, May 1981: "Man and Supermarvel!").

(See also Captain Thunder)

Captain Marvel has appeared in the following Superman Tales

With Superman of Earth-1

  • (All New Collectors Edition No. C-58, May 1978 "When Earths Collide!")
  • (DCCP No. 33, May 1981 "Man and Supermarvel!")
  • (DCCP No. 34, Jun 1981 "The Beast-Man That Shouted "Hate" at the Heart of the U.N.!")
  • (DCCP No. 49, Sep 1982 "Black Adam!")
  • (DCCPA No. 3, 1984 "With One Magic Word")
  • (Act No. 583, Sep 1986 "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?")

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