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In Greek mythology, a race of female warriors who inhabited the northern coast of Asia Minor. They were ruled by a queen, and were rigorously schooled in the arts of hunting and warfare. Men were rigidly excluded from their civilization.

In the Superman chronicles, the term "Amazons" is used to designate any one of several all-female societies that the Man of Steel has encountered in the course of his career. These include the legendary Amazons of Paradise Island, home of fellow super-heroes Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl (DCCP No. 32, Apr 1981: "The Super-Prisoners of Love"; and others); the warrior women of Amazonia, in the jungles of South America (S No. 59/1, Jul/Aug 1949: Lois Lane-Queen of the Amazons!"); and the inhabitants of Amazon Island, ruled by Queen Elsha (Act No. 235, Dec 1957: "The Super-Prisoner of Amazon Island"). The term is also used to describe the women of Adoria, a "distant planet" in "another solar system" which Superman visits (Act No. 266, Jul 1960: "The Captive of the Amazons") as well as the female Quazars, also known as "the Amazons of space" (SF No. 179/1, Sep/Oct 1976: "I Scared Superman to Death"). (TGSB)

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