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The Encyclopedia of Supermanic Biography

Founded on and continuing The Great Superman Book by Michael L. Fleisher

The Great Superman Book was published in 1978 and was intended to be a complete biography of everything Superman. Fleisher spent 10 years doing research for the book, however, and by the time it was published it was out of date, covering only material from 1938 to 1964.

The goal of Supermanica was initially to incorporate, update, and expand the existing Fleisher material to cover the complete history of Superman from 1938 to 1986. Further, instead of limiting the canonical source material to Action Comics, Superman, and World's Finest, all of the existing Superman titles of the time are being used.

The initial list is then

Action Comics; Adventure Comics; Superboy; Supergirl; Superman; Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen; Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane; and World's Finest. For a more complete list, see canonical sources.

The name "The Encyclopedia of Supermanic Biography" is the title that the Michael L. Fleisher of Earth-1, Michael Fleischer, used for his much larger multi-volume version of The Great Superman Book (MM).


Before making corrections, additions, and/or adding a new entry, please read these articles, especially the add a new article page.

The user's guide can be helpful. Note that this Wiki focuses on the classic comic books, so please confine your additions to those characters, events, and locations contained in the canonical sources, which is currently limited to the Superman Family of DC comic books published from 1938 to 1986.

Supermanica guidelines ask that you cite your references in the articles. Information with no source reference may likely be removed.

As mentioned above, the initial inspiration for this project was The Great Superman Book (see the conversion guidelines), with a goal of expanding and updating it in the same pedantic, entertaining, and completist style.

If you would like to become an editor/contributor to Supermanica, contact A'dam'mkent_3272

Any questions? Please visit the Community Portal.

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