Iron Curtain of Time

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Iron Curtain of Time

A powerful temporal barrier created by the Time Trapper to block members of the Legion of Super-Heroes from traveling 30 years into the future. When the curtain is detected (Adv No. 317/1, Feb 1964: "The Menace of Dream Girl!"), it proves too fundamentally strong for even Superboy and Mon-El to thwart.

Adventure Comics No. 338, cover by Curt Swan and George Klein

The curtain continues to affect the 30th Century heroes (and Superboy when he journeys to this time) until the final showdown with the Time Trapper. While the Time Trapper's assistant, Glorith of Baaldur, changes the Legion members into babies using a diabolical time-devolving hourglass, Superboy and Brainiac 5 are powerless to help, this time being stranded in the future by the curtain. The Iron Curtain of Time is finally destroyed when Element Lad turns the Time Trapper's space ship and equipment into candy, and the Legion "babies" consume it (Adv No. 338/1, Nov 1965: "The Menace of the Sinister Super Babies!").

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