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Captain Carrot, from Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew No. 7, Sep 82

Captain Carrot (of Earth-C)

Captain Carrot (real name Roger Rodney Rabbit, usually referred to as Rodney Rabbit) is a sentient rabbit superhero who dwells on the parallel world known as Earth-C, a world populated by sentient animals instead of humans. Captain Carrot is the leader of the Zoo Crew, Earth-C's dominant superhero team.

As Rodney, Captain Carrot is employed by his world's DC Comics as a cartoonist and writer for Just'a Lotta Animals, a comic resembling Earth-1's Justice League of America that includes Earth-C's fictionalized version of Superman, named Super-Squirrel.

While working in his studio, Rodney encounters the sudden appearance in his office of Earth-1's Superman, who explains that he is investigating a strange phenomenon causing the citizens of Metropolis to begin acting like their primate ancestors. Superman finds that the source of this odd behavior is a ray striking the Earth from outer space, forming a strange energy barrier around Earth-1. Seeing the ray had a weakening effect on him similar to that of Green Kryptonite, Superman grabs a meteorite which he hopes to use as a shield while attempting to pierce the energy barrier. However, when striking the strange rays, the meteorite explodes, with both Superman and the meteorite's fragments being hurled from Earth-1 into the Earth-C universe.

Listening to Superman's story, Rodney takes a carrot from his window box and begins eating; however, Rodney discovers that by eating the carrot, he's been endowed with great superpowers. Superman discovers that the carrots have been irradiated by one of the meteorite fragments. Seeing a news report about other animals across the United Species of America (Earth-C's United States of America) gaining powers from similar meteor fragments, Superman and Rodney (who, using an old Halloween costume, now calls himself Captain Carrot) set out to gather and team up with the other newly-powered heroes to stop the threat.

Captain Carrot, Superman and the other heroes soon discover that the strange rays (which are also striking Earth-C and de-evolving its residents) originate from the Pluto of Earth-C's universe, being generated by Starro, an old Justice League of America foe. Eventually, the animals and Superman stop Starro's scheme, which was to conquer Earth-C (the rays also having an effect on Earth-1 being a side-effect). The animals decide to band together as a new superteam whose name, the "Zoo Crew", comes from an off-handed comment Superman made earlier; Superman wishes the new team luck, and returns to Earth-1 (The New Teen Titans No. 16/2, Feb 1982: "This Bunny Unbound!"; Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew No. 1, Mar 1982: "The Pluto Syndrome!"; Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew No. 2, Apr 1982: "The Macabre Menace of the Mammal Called Armordillo").

Initially living in Gnu York (Earth-C's New York), Captain Carrot eventually relocates with the rest of the Zoo Crew to Follywood, Califurnia (Earth-C's Hollywood, California) to set up their headquarters there (Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew No. 4, Jun 1982: "His Name Is...Mudd!").

Despite Superman having indirectly causing the origin of his powers, Captain Carrot fails to remember Superman's name, often calling him names such as "Super-Mac", "Super-Sam" and "Super-Max". The rest of the Zoo Crew, however, manage to correctly remember Superman's name.

As Rodney, Captain Carrot takes great pride in his cartooning career, and on being the main artist and writer of Just'a Lotta Animals; when meeting Superman, Rodney tells him he's "a big pink version of my Super-Squirrel character! Not as handsome, of course..." (The New Teen Titans No. 16/2, Feb 1982: "This Bunny Unbound!").

Captain Carrot's powers include super-strength; super-speed; limited invulnerability; enhanced speed, stamina and hearing; and the ability to make gigantic super-leaps.

As the only Zoo Crew member not to keep his powers permanently, Captain Carrot's powers last for 24 hours (though severe exertion may shorten this time period), after which he reverts to normal. As such, Rodney must consume one of his "cosmic carrots" (as he named his irradiated carrots, which he grows in a windowbox) to become Captain Carrot again. Captain Carrot also usually keeps a pair of extra cosmic carrots in his costume's belt for emergencies.

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