Band of Super-Villains

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The Band of Super-Villains

WF No. 134 art by Jim Mooney

The name adopted by a trio of ordinary criminals after a visiting alien from a far distant planet has provided them with a set of special belts capable of endowing them with amazing powers, ostensibly, because he wants to enable them to become wealthy super-criminals in return for their promise of future aid in establishing a dictatorship on his native planet.

In reality, however, the belts, which actually release an alien element into the air, are part of a fiendish scheme to poison the Earth’s atmosphere and annihilate its people in order to pave the way for an alien colonization.

Batman, Robin, and Superman apprehend the Band of Super-Villains and the evil alien, who when he is finally cornered and defeated, blows himself and his spacecraft up, as that is the penalty for the failure of his mission (WF No. 134, Jun 1963: "The Band of Super-Villains!"). (TGSB)

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